Day Treatment is the first phase of treatment at Roots Counseling Services. During the first weeks of treatment, clients attend morning and afternoon group therapy sessions every weekday, in addition to individual therapy. Day Treatment is centered on learning and skill-building.


Intensive Outpatient is the second phase of treatment at Roots Counseling Services. Clients will participate in group therapy sessions four afternoons per week, in addition to individual therapy. Intensive Outpatient sessions include group exercises, lectures, speaker presentations, and discussions.


Outpatient is the final phase of treatment at Roots Counseling Services. After moving through the more intensive levels of outpatient care, clients have the opportunity to participate in this program. Outpatient is a forum for clients moving toward total independence. It is an opportunity to check in on progress in recovery and stay connected to the skills and theories gained during treatment.


Sober living offers residents the opportunity to reside in a safe and supportive environment with other like-minded individuals, dedicated to recovery. Residents adhere to a structured daily schedule focused on finding and maintaining employment and building a foundation for long term recovery. Live-in house managers are always close by to offer support and guidance and to keep residents moving toward their long term goals.

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