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“Before coming to Roots I lived a selfish, miserable life. Luckily when I arrived at Roots I was broken down and scared enough to do whatever I had to. While at Roots I learned how to be the man I always wanted to be, I developed a relationship with God, and I recovered from alcoholism. I never could have done this alone.”
– James A.

“I initially came to Roots because I had nowhere else to go. What I found there saved my life and impacted me in a way I never thought possible. For the first time ever, I saw young men who found a way out of their darkness. The men at Roots could relate to me like no one ever had before, and they cared enough about me to show me what they did to recover. I learned how to be a man, a good employee, a brother, and a better son. Roots offered me something that other places didn’t. It’s not something that I can describe, it has to be experienced. As for my future, anything is possible. I find fullfillment in my daily life now.”
– Devon B.

“Before I came to Roots I tried to get sober many times, many different ways. My life was miserable. If I wasn’t already drunk or high, all I could think about was catching my next buzz. I dropped out of school, lied to everyone, stole and manipulated people constantly. The last few years I went through countless treatments and stints in jail. I thought I was beyond help.”

“When I first got to Roots I was hopeless about beating my addiction. I was uncomfortable living with a bunch of guys that I did not know. But over time, I made friends with the other guys and did what was asked of me. It started to be fun and I enjoyed the things we had to do. Because of Roots pushing me to work the steps I found freedom and joy, and am now able to be the man I always wanted to be. Now I feel like I’m in a position to succeed in life.”
– Ben S.

“My life prior to Roots had zero normalcy. I spent years in and out of institutions, jumping from rehab to rehab, sleeping in the streets, winding up in hospitals completely baffled as to why I couldn’t get and stay sober. When my journey finally landed me in Roots, for the first time in my life I met men my age who shared my problem and had found a solution. These were men who seemed free, and I was willing to do everything they did, so I too could be free.”

“The structure and brotherhood here at Roots led me to a spiritual experience that has changed my life. I can’t begin to put into words what it’s like to have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, but I can say that I am excited to see what life has in store for me, and look forward to sharing my experience with others the way that this has been so freely shared with me.”
– Pete C.


“Roots Recovery was strongly recommended to me by the staff at a treatment facility. Roots provided an environment that was highly disciplined and highly conducive to recovery. When I made the decision to go to Roots, I was not entirely sure what life was going to look like there. I knew I was making a large commitment and I hoped that I would learn how to live a clean and sober life. I had no idea how powerful my experience at Roots would actually be.

The first thing I noticed was that the other guys and the house managers seemed strangely grown-up compared to where I had been for the previous month. They viewed recovery as a life and death matter, and they treated it as such. I went through a lot of significant changes as I worked my way through the 12-step program and got involved in recovery. Somewhere along the way, my obsessive thinking about alcohol and cocaine left me. This kind of thinking had always made it impossible for me to quit for good. It has not returned in over two years.

During my time at Roots, I learned that being in recovery shouldn’t be a limitation on life. Living at Roots encouraged me to take a very focused and disciplined approach to the 12-step program and spirituality, and my experience has been that these things can only enrich my life. Roots gave me something that I can now give to others, and I really enjoy being able to help out other alcoholics and drug addicts because of that.

My life has been changed ever since my stay at Roots. I am back in school, and I will be graduating in the fall. I’m getting married next summer. My relationships with my family and friends are much healthier and far more enjoyable today. During the months leading up to my stay at Roots, I didn’t think these things were possible for me anymore. I am lucky to have shared in this unique experience at Roots and to have had such strong guidance early on in my recovery.”
– Ted H.

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Roots program. It has helped my son Devon piece his life back together. He has learned about his addiction, how to structure his life, and what he can and cannot control. Devon’s attitude is strong and confident. He has grown leaps and bounds, into a responsible, loving, grateful young man. I am proud.

Devon has made amends to his family and close friends. The pain that addiction has caused us is healing as Devon and our family move forward to a happy, healthy life.”
– Linda B.

“It has been a very scary journey. James is in a better place; growing. Before he was dying. He has grown, in all dimensions, positively. We are excited to be able to observe his personality re-emerge. Before, we were in crises, always in fear. Now we can release that fear, and look forward to good surprises from James. It has not been smooth, but it has been worth it! It was a huge leap of faith (and we are still leaping!) the day we dropped him off, in a strange place, with no sense of the future. It was timing – a perfect storm; in a good way. James hit a low and Roots was there to walk with him in a way we could not.”
– Teri A.

“This program saved his life and we have our son back. He has become a strong, reliable young man. We were hopeless before Roots. We had tried many treatment programs over the years, spent a lot of money. He was never able to maintain sobriety, until now. He has a bright future, and so much to offer. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing your child is happy and healthy. We have him back!”
– Beth C.

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